The loveable Italian duo who have blazed a trail from Riccione to Ibiza and across Europe thanks to their astounding DJ sets, their killer productions and their constantly evolving live show. Comprised two men, “Frankie” Mami and Gian Piero “GP”, DOS held a residency at the mighty Cocoricó in Italy, have also been a regular fixture at Circo Loco at DC10 in Ibiza and contribute to labels such as BPitch Control. Their open-minded approach and thirst for knowledge and live performance has laid the foundations for a bright future,and they continue on their merry adventures around Europe... While studying in Milan, Frankie became more and more involved in techno and formed a tight bond with his partner in crime, Gian Piero, with whom he started DOS in 2006. From hanging out in the studio to conceiving their back- to-back partnership, the twosome picked up a residency at the legendary Cocoricó, where they played twice a month from 2007 up until 2009 in the Pyramid room, eventually evolving their performance into a DJ/live show hybrid. Through GP’s friendship with fellow Italians System Of Survival, DOS were soon spending a lot of time in Ibiza, eventually landing themselves a highly coveted residency at the hugely influential Circo Loco party at DC10. The pinnacle of their career so far and a move that really put them on the map as a force to be reckoned with and demonstrated their unique capabilities as both as a back-to-back DJ duo and a live performance outfit. Yeah, they got the skillz alright! Last year brought them an amazing experience: DOS performed at Robot Heart stage during Burning Man 2015. Their friendship with SOS also led to a fantastic remix on Ellen Allien’s BPitch Control. The rework of ‘Nihil’ (included in the Best Of 2014 by Bpitch Control) was a perfect example of how the guys can inject deep, groovy vibes into their productions while also keeping your body moving – a crucial aspect of their music. It must also be said that, thanks to their experience in the studio, they have been able to cultivate a scintillating live show, which works in tandem with their DJ sets, providing a unique experience for both DOS themselves and their audience.