DOS "MZNG Music" - Blackrose Records

 DOS "Islands EP" - Better On Foot

 System Of Survival "Nihil" DOS Remix - Bpitch Control

DOS - Voyage EP - Better On Foot

 DOS - A Club Called Heaven EP - Vitalik Recordings

DOS - Atomic Clock World - Fventi

Alessio Collina "Ziria" DOS Remix - Fventi

System Of Survival feat. Vhelade "Kutting" DOS Remix - Get Physical Music

Duel, DOS – “Zed (Jerome Sydenham ‘s Downtown Mix)” - Ibadan Records

Duel, DOS – “Zed (Jerome Sydenham Remix)” - Ibadan Records

David Hasert, Tim Engelhardt "SOL" Francesco Mami Remix - Lost Diaries 

S.E.T. - Another Slice Of You feat. Fenja Ifigenia (Francesco Mami Remix) - CAT06228

Francesco Mami  "911" - Like Records

 Francesco Mami "10191 EP" - Rhythm Cult Records

 SB-Unit & Francesco Mami "Everywhere You Go" - Sunclock Records

David Hasert & Francesco Mami  "So Many Sad Songs feat. Jwels" - Dantze Records

SB-Unit & Francesco Mami "Atoll" - This and That

Timujin "Why Not?" Francesco Mami 6am Remix - Flying Circus Recordings

Oliver Schories "Royan" Francesco Mami Dub Version - SOSO

Along The Way Vol 1: Compilation EP - Francesco Mami "Emme and Nico" - RYMD Records

William Noble "Butzke" Francesco Mami Dub Version - King Street Sounds

Ayko - Scuti (Francesco Mami Remix) - Alchemy Digital 131

V.A. - Banana Human Being - LIKE0035

Robin Flux - Universe (Francesco Mami Remix) - LIKE0036

SANDS OF TIME, PT. 2 (FEAT. SLEEPING GENIE) - David Hasert & Francesco Mami Remixes (2 Versions)

Brydie Tong & Francesco Mami - Equinox Calling - BAR25107 - Bar 25 Records

Francesco Mami - Crudo e Fuso - RAIBANO003 - Raibano Records

Esther Silex - Karl (Francesco Mami Remix) - LIKE 037

Timo Mass - Religion Of Love (Francesco Mami Remixes) - Tenampa 

UNDERHER, Nicki Fehr - Last Breath (Francesco Mami Remix) IAMHER

 David Hasert, Patrick Petzold, Francesco Mami - Blind (Breaks Mix) - LIKE RECORDS

Dan Wild - From The Earth (Francesco Mami Remixes) - RCD014

Francesco Mami - Mentat - SATYA008

Francesco Mami - Oceans Of Caledan - RCM015

Odagled - Mechanic Dolls (Francesco Mami Remixes) - MOD078

Novalima - Beto Kele (Francesco Mami Remix) - NER26205

Nau Squaglia - Relentless (Francesco Mami Remix) - ED054RLove Yourself

Accept Yourself (Francesco Mami Remix) - Get Physical Music GPM 720E

AGELESS & Francesco Mami - Herald Of The Change - Human By Default

Reenday - Give Away (Francesco Mami Remix) - Lazic Records

Francesco Mami, Cristina Lazic - Les Filles - Satya